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Stone Collection
project bStand Niederwieser

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The Stone Collection.

An unique collection inspired by nature.

As kids, Sjang and his brother always collected stones when hiking in the mountains in their grandparent’s hometown in Austria. It was always a competition who could find the biggest and coolest looking ones and take them home as a memory.

Nowadays, he questions whether it is okay to take these stones from nature. Because for him, it doesn't feel right. Therefore he decided to use modern techniques to recreate the stones, instead of taking them from nature.

The stones are 3D-scanned and sculpted into functional pieces of art. By giving them a function, they obtain a tangible value instead of only the memory of that place and time, which has merely value to him.

The stones are 3D-printed from sand. Sjang sees sand as the offcut from nature’s sculpting and he brings it back into a shape where it could come from. The stones are preserved in a digital database and 3D-printed in a limited edition collection.

~The objects almost feel otherworldly. It is a memory from another place and time.~


Quartz sand (SH – F01)

Sjang Niederwieser

Sjang Niederwieser

Sjang Niederwieser (1988) is a designer & maker with a passion for materials and techniques and combining them to create objects and products. A fusion of design, art, craftsmanship and technology. 


He loves to create with his hands, but also let machines do the work for him. Finding the right balance between machinery, craftsmanship, and using only the best materials results in unique, functional and beautiful objects d`art.

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