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Changing perceptions

Changing perceptions

SANDHELDEN is the world‘s leading company for the production and post-processing of 3D-printed objects made of sand. The company offers a versatile service for international customers from a wide range of industries with its Creative Manufactory.

SANDHELDEN‘s patented process is based on a modern 3D printing technology, binder jetting, and a specially developed post-processing process. This combination enables the company to offer its customers customized solutions.


The company offers a diverse material portfolio within its manufacturing process, which is predominantly based on quartz sand. This is sourced exclusively from regional sources. The sand is particularly appealing due to its incomparable haptic and its high resistance. In line with the company´s claim „Changing perceptions“, SANDHELDEN manages to change the general perception of sand as a loose material by shaping it into long-lasting and robust objects.


With the Creative Manufactory, SANDHELDEN offers the advantages of its process as a service to customers from a wide range of industries. These include the innovative use of sand as a design material, a fast 3D printing speed, the production of large-volume objects, and the endless possibilities of shape design. For each project, SANDHELDEN offers its customers a comprehensive range of services including customized consulting.

SANDHELDEN sets itself the goal of making processes and products as sustainable as possible. For this reason, the company is
developing to expand its materials portfolio to include recyclable materials such as plastic waste collected from the oceans.



Customer service:

Phone: +49 (0)821 32919790



Sales & Trade (Bathroom):
Laurens Faure

Creative Manufactory:

Tatia Tomadze & Stephanie Yeo

Loser Sand im 3D-Sanddruckverfahren


Sandhelden GmbH & Co. KG

Headquarter & Production

Max-Planck-Strasse 8

85716 Unterschleissheim




+49 (0)821 32919790

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  • How durable is your material?
    Each product from our production is generally made for long-term use und durability. However, some projects have specific requirements where we adapt our process to. For example objects that are placed outdoors have different demands for UV-protection and weather resistance compared to objects for indoor use (artworks, etc.).
  • Is your material sustainable?
    In our general production we use with quartz sand a natural resource. Additionally, we have a very strong focus on regionality. Our production facility, main partners and suppliers are all located in Bavaria (Germany). We even source our quartz sand from regional sources to minimize the carbon footprint. In the production process itself we focus on sustainability, too. The excess unbounded material from every 3D printing process can be reused in further prints, allowing us almost a complete waste reduction making the production process as efficient as possible. Almost all projects are in need of our infiltration (hardening) post-process to gain a certain level of stability. In this process we use a specific type of epoxy resin. However, SANDHELDEN keeps working on transforming its post-processing in a 100% green manufacturing process.
  • Which colors do you have?
    We have 3 different types of “raw” finishes (not coated) that have different colors. However, every RAL or NCS color can be applied afterwards to most of the printed products giving us a full range of customization possibilities.
  • Is your material fragile? How hard is it?
    For most projects we apply our infiltration (hardening) post-process to gain a certain level of stability and usability. This level can be adapted based on the given requirements. The highest level achievable can be compared to steel concrete (load compression).
  • Why is your material sometimes smooth?
    Even and open surfaces can be sanded after the hardening process allowing us to create polished-like surface. This step is always required for the inner surfaces of our bathroom products.
  • Can your products be placed outdoors?
    We can adjust our post-process to make it UV and weather resistant in order to place the objects outdoors.
  • How can I clean your products?
    Depending on the type of post-process that was applied on its surface this varies. We usually recommend going for gentle dry brushes in the rough surfaces when the product is not coated. If a coating is applied, they can be cleaned like any other acryl-based product (water and not abrasive chemical agents)
  • Can I get samples delivered?
    We have a standard sample set for 30€ (excl. VAT & shipping) that includes standard material and finish possibility that we offer. You can order yours here.
  • How can I assembly 2 sand pieces?
    Our material is very rough after being post-processed and this means that scrubbing two sand pieces with each other would create scratches on the surface. We always recommend a “Brick” system to assembly two different pieces, where one piece has the negative, and the other one the positive part of the union and they can fit with each other.
  • Do you have different sand (material) types?
    We use quartz sand for almost all of our projects. They main difference between the options is their grain size. The different three natural colors are due to the binder that is used. Therefore, every material we offer (SH-F01; SH-F03; SH-P14) has its own characteristics and applications. Next to quartz sand we also offer with SH-C053 a ceramic based material called Cerabead. This material is only available on request since it is sourced (and only available) from Japan. Learn more here about our materials.
  • Can I work with you?
    Our Creative Manufactory is open to everyone. Therefore, we work with various customers and partners with different backgrounds and applications. Besides our bathroom products, we offer a versatile production service with the Creative Manufactory that can be fully adjusted to the profile of the customer. From profiles with high professional knowledge in design and 3D printing, to beginners and people without basic knowledge that want to have their new project made out of sand. Discover more about how we work.
  • I am a student and would love to do a project with you. Is this possible?
    If you are a student or you finished your studies within the last 2 years, you should take a look at our SANDHELDEN Academy program, which promotes talented students with creative ideas. We support new generations of up-and-coming creative minds, helping them make their first breakthrough in the industry. Discover more about the SANDHELDEN Academy.
  • Do you organize packaging and shipping?
    We organized packaging and shipping worldwide. We also offer the possibility of having custom-made boxes and crates, perfectly adapted for delicate objects like artworks, etc.
  • Do you work with customers worldwide?
    Yes, we have clients spread all around the world
  • Can I design products for you that you sell?
    We are not currently looking for any design service and neither sponsoring a design idea with the aim of selling it from our side. However, feel free to send us your ideas. We are looking forward to being surprised.
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