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by Dongwook Choi



"When I start my work, I think my work usually goes in two directions: one is to focus on the initial inspiration and conception of the piece to create a planned outcome, and the other is to start with a curiosity about a material or substance

and develop it from there." - Donkwook Choi

The SINUOUS series falls into the latter category. The idea of applying sand, a natural resource, to 3D printing was intriguing in itself, but unlike conventional 3D printing, the SANDHELDEN TECHNOLOGY allows hollow shapes to be printed without an automatically generated support. These characteristics of technique fascinated Dongwook Choi and led him to pursue this project.


In terms of the external design, he observed the patterns of physical objects found in everyday life or nature and applied them to the design. This is also an experiment to see how far complex patterns, structures, and forms can be realized, as he is not yet familiar with the limits of this technology.


Quartz sand (SH – F01)

Sjang Niederwieser

Dongwook Choi

Based in South Korea, Dongwook Choi creates objects that can play suggestive roles in the space. Computational design, organic form, active acceptance of evolving technology, and material exploration are keywords that represent his work.


Breaking the boundaries, transferring objects from imaginary digital scenes to physical reality is the most important progress in his workflow.


He believes that his pieces should be more than just functional; it should also evoke emotion and bring joy to those who use it. That´s what drives his designs.

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