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designed by Zachary Eastwood-Bloom

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Simulacra Sculptures

ZEB SMT 23.4.5x.JPG


All pieces are sculptures from the Simularca series of works exhibited at Cambridge University’s Museum of Classical Archeology.

The Simulacra series was born from a research project exploring the use of Artificial Inteligence and Machine Learning trained on 3D Scan data of classical sculpture.


Quartz sand (SH – P01)

Goddess, 80 cm

Zachary Eastwood-Bloom

Zachary Eastwood-Bloom

Principally making sculpture but also video, dance, sound, photography, and drawings, Zachary Eastwood-Bloom explores the notions of human progress in relation to historical ideas, scientific development, and digital technology, as well as the ways in which humans attempt to understand the world around them, using methods such as storytelling, religion, science, or technology.

Zachary originally studied ceramics at Edinburgh College of Art, before going to London to earn his Master’s Degree in ceramics and glass at the Royal College of Art.

Whilst studying at the RCA, he began to explore the use of digital technologies in relation to a broad range of materials. This marks a shift in Zachary's practice, in which he began using digital technologies in combination with sculpture and drawing in his practice.

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