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designed by Rollo Bryant

Functional standing lamp,
H 65 cm


Lichtervelde (Belgium) 2019

The first stage of development to realize this work takes place within software engines; where new modelling techniques have been explored that combine both the artistic freedom of digital sculpting tools, with simulated mapping algorithms.


The relevance of this method is to allow for sectional editing in real time; giving a great deal of control over the final form, with the possibility to compare many different design variations in a non-destructive fashion.

Consisting of 98% Bavarian quartz sand, the resulting object is impressively durable considering its delicate appearance. A natural resin binder is impregnated after the printing process to further strengthen the structure, while preserving its original colour and texture.

The technique was also chosen to minimise resources and waste, as excess material can be recycled and because of low melting temperatures, less energy is used than traditional means.

Even with some of the most advanced production technology, realising this piece physically has seen many challenges. Until recently, producing objects with this kind of geometry, at scale and from aggregate material, would have been near impossible.


However, recent innovations have allowed these boundaries to progress and through this collection, the aim is to stretch these limits and push them to their furthest degree.

Available on request.


Cerabeads (SH – C053)

Rollo Bryant

Rollo Bryant

Embracing craft in the digital age, Rollo Bryant (UK) specializes in working techniques that merge freehand sculpting with computational software.

Focused on projects that create positive environmental change, while promoting the idea that even with this new challenge, design can still be as appealing and versatile, if not more so.

With a distinct focus on material and lighting innovation, Rollo’s goal is to create works that change perception, invite intrigue and raise poignant topical discussion. His fascination with naturally formed organic structures has led to an aesthetic identity of similar character and taste.

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