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Sandle P5

‘Sandle’ is the latest series of unique candle holders produced by the process of 3D printing quartz sand.

This highly innovative process of sand printing creates these irresistibly tactile forms that are durable.  

These elegantly and playfully extrusion-like forms subtly pays tribute to the potential of this innovative manufacturing process. Despite the innovative fabrication these candle holders are undeniably made from sand - stripped of any distractions allowing us to appreciate the quality of this raw material under a flickering candle.


Every candle holder comes with a set (4 pieces) of fitting candles.


Photography: Enric Badrinas

Sandle P5

PriceFrom €250.00
VAT Included |

Size: 135 x 219 x 182 mm


Material: Quartz sand


Designer: F. G. Studio


All prices include VAT, plus shipping costs.

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