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designed by Gareth Neal


Mirrored Pair Vessel, H 90cm

gareth neal closeup.jpg

Twisted Vessel, H 40cm


Twisted Pair Vessel, H 65cm


London (United Kingdom), 2020 / Images courtesy of Jim Champion and Gareth Neal.

With each iteration of the vessel, Gareth tests the limits of craft, both in materiality and human perception.


15 years on from the production of his first vessel, but wanting to challenge the ever-changing boundaries of digital manufacturing and its relationship to craft still, Gareth employs Sandhelden´s technique of 3D printing. 

Despite consistent progress in digital CNC manufacturing, there are still limitations. In a bold move Gareth steps away from his expert material, wood, and for the first time explores the possibilities of another raw material, sand.

The fluid, yet solid substrate allows for endless configurations, giving Gareth the opportunity to materialize designs he once could only dream about.


Gareth believes the machine to be an extension of the human hand, and that the eradication of the chisel does not deduct from the craftsmanship deeply rooted within every stage of the production of these vessels. 

Product details:

Quartz sand (SH – F03)

The "SiO2" collection consists of three vessels that are available in three different sizes.

  • Twisted Pair

  • Mirrored Pair

  • Twisted Vessel

Gareth Neal

Gareth Neal

Neal established his practice in 2006 and has since become internationally recognised at the forefront of British Furniture Design.


He is known as a progressive thinker combining the latest high-end digital fabrication with traditional craft techniques. His conceptually rigorous, environmentally conscious and beautifully crafted work has fostered collaborations with the likes of Zaha Hadid Architects and Aesop.


Gareth’s work is housed in the world’s leading museum of art and design, the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

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