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Laokoon Reverse
designed by Christian Holze

Laokoon Reverse
H 220 cm.

01 Laokoon Reverse Mönchehausmuseum Gosl

Small version: H 100 cm.

Leipzig (Germany), 2022

Large version: H 220 cm.

Available on request.

The sculpture has been made in two versions:

  • Medium: 100 x 38 x 66 cm

  • Large: 220 x 82 x 143 cm


Quartz sand (SH – F01)
Halle 11 (Leipzig) & Mönchehaus Museum (Goslar)

Large Version

Small Version

Christian Holze

Foto: Jamal Cazaré 

Christian Holze

Christian Holze (*1988) lives and works in Leipzig.


Holze combines different artistic categories into hybrids. His research topics are the interfaces between art, technology and business. In his work, he not only explores the connections between these three subject areas, but also asks questions about authorship, commodification and copying in the visual arts. Furthermore, Christian Holz's works connect the viewer's art-historical memory with the omnipresence of the commodity image world in the digital age, disguising themselves as meta-products.

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