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designed by w230 studio

Infinito, sculptue, H 65 cm


Visi, custom sculptue, H 17 cm


Ocean Nymphaea Vase, H 23 cm

Ocean Tulip, H 18 cm

Sidney (Australia), 2019

"The value of an object is determined by its connection with the material, the process used to create it and its concept." - Simone Leonelli.

The manufacturing workflow has long been stuck in the old production methods of centuries past. Nowadays, technology is driving what is possible in design in unlimited ways. And the tremendous changes in technology are bringing new opportunities to craftsmen. If there's a new way to design or make a product, we want to take advantage of it.

The "Infinito" sculpture, representing the infinity sign, is a legendary symbol of eternity with a bold look and serene strength. It belongs to a limited edition of 5 artworks.


Visi is a customizable sculpture that is designed to be valuable, attractive and collectible as a piece of contemporary art. Just as each face is different, so are the w230’s sculptures.

Available on request.


Quartz sand (SH – F03)

Simone Leonelli

Simone Leonelli

W230 studio explores the relationship between design and technology, crossing over a range of media, materials, and knowledge.

W230 studio works primarily in the field of design and combines computational design approaches and cutting-edge manufacturing processes. Particularly, it works to explore the harmony between digital and physical entities by creating a hybrid relationship between technology and design.

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