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designed by Erco Lai


Vase, 25 cm



Tafoni is a 3D sand printed vase⁠ by ercoffice_by_ercolai inspired by the weathering and⁠ erosion patterns of rocks. Created⁠ with 3d sand printing by SANDHELDEN,⁠ Tafoni features stacked modeling⁠ and showcases the fusion of natural⁠ textures with modern manufacturing⁠ technology. ⁠

This visually stunning⁠ and sculptural vase pushes the⁠ boundaries of traditional design,⁠ offering a unique blend of nature inspired⁠ aesthetics and innovative⁠ fabrication techniques.⁠

Elevate your⁠ space with this mesmerizing vase that⁠ combines organic and technological⁠ elements in a harmonious and artistic⁠



Quartz sand (SH – P14)

Tafoni, 25 cm

Erco Lai

Exploring the boundaries between design, technology and materials. As an industrial designer and maker, Erco Lai is driven by a passion for circularity, using nature as his guide to create a symbiosis between human systems and the environment. His design approach is listening to a matter by hand-on experiments and shaping it in the most "natural" way.


Within his practices, Erco Lai attempts to create the beauty of balancing between the control of design in the digital realm and the spontaneity of materials in reality. He is constantly seeking to give materials meaningful forms and create a unique aesthetic language. Meanwhile, he focuses on rethinking linear manufacturing and defining the future of craftsmanship, art and sustainability.

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