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designed by STUDIOLAV

Set of 3 totems:

Big: H 57 cm

Medium: H 42 cm
Small: H 24 cm


London (UK), 2022

Images courtesy of Yannis Bournias

People always have a fascination with discovering new worlds, exploring the unseen, or moving for “survival” reasons.


“Anatomically modern” humans have spent ninety-eight percent of their time on Earth as nomads. Living our whole life in one place is a relatively new and atypical concept. Building upon this human urge to wander Studio Lav imagines new nomads.


If evolution  is the study of the origins of life, its development and diversity and the main factors that inform this extraordinary process are environment and geography, how creatures would look like in the future? How do these beings who are in constant motion, adapt to their new environments? What are their characteristics, their personalities, their wits? How do they evolve?

In this futuristic scenario, a small tribe of imaginary creatures is embarking on a journey to explore the new world and question our perception of mobility, migration & community.

Their form inspired by “ceremonial couture”, such as body scarification rituals, body painting, and elaborate costumes, reflects upon their ability to adapt to the new while respecting the old and valuing their heritage.

Completely stripped from colour, the decorative elements traditionally used to adorn, seduce, and convey symbolic meanings – become embedded in their bodies permanently. Their ornamental,
textural patterns combined with natural light are the key elements that give depth and bring the objects to life in the form of vessels reminiscent of nomadic water bearers.

3D printed in sand they are “products” of new technology while maintaining their connection with nature and earth. They are also symbolic of an ideal aspiration for a smoother symbiotic relationshipbetween the two. Their rough surface maintains the highly tactile character of sand and creates a direct reference to the natural origin of the material.

Available on request.


Quartz sand (SH – F01)

Studio LAV


STUDIOLAV is an award-winning, multidisciplinary design studio founded by Greek duo Loukas Angelou & Vasso Asfi in 2011. Specialising in the fields of interior and product design, they have gained valuable experience from working in London, where the studio is based, and their native location Greece but also from all their international collaborations.


In depth research is at the centre of their work and with each project, being a product or an interior, they are focusing on creating a meaningful, emotional, connections between people, objects and the environment that surrounds them. Drawing inspiration from heritage, tradition and everyday encounters they create strong narratives to tell new exciting stories through the unique spaces and products they design.

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