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designed by Studio Formosa


Milan (Italy), 2022

Images courtesy of Edoardo Puglisi

The peculiar shape of the SuperNatural artifacts is “designed” by an algorithm, which simulates the growth patterns of natural elements like corals, roots, or hyphae.


Although the artifacts might be similar in size, proportions, and topology, each one is absolutely unique. Like nature, the algorithm never repeats itself.

Each candle holder is associated with a Non-fungible Token (NFT), which functions as a digital certificate, proving both the ownership and the authenticity of the piece. A Smart Contract unlocks the buyer access to the 3D model (STL), available - as a “digital backup” - for further printing.

Studio Formosa reflects on how, in a fully digitalized production chain, the implicit worth attributed to craftsmanship fades away. The fact that one digital file can enable the production of endless copies creates a condition that automatically deflates the value of each artifact.


The collection was presented during Milan Design Week 2022 and showcased five candle holders plus five NFT.

Available on request.


Quartz sand (SH – F01)

Studio Formosa

Studio Formosa

Studio Formosa is a research-oriented, experiment-based practice active in the field of architecture and industrial design, founded in 2015 by Francesco Milano (IT) and Karen Antorveza (CO). Their praxis intersects several contemporary domains, including computational design, digital fabrication, material innovation, and sustainability.

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