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Sandle Collection
designed by Francesc Gasch Studio

Sandle P4, H 13 cm

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Sony 3097.jpeg

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‘Sandle’ is the latest series of unique candle holders produced by the process of 3D printing quartz sand.

This highly innovative process of sand printing creates these irresistibly tactile forms that are durable.  

These elegantly and playfully extrusion-like forms subtly pays tribute to the potential of this innovative manufacturing process. Despite the innovative fabrication these candle holders are undeniably made from sand - stripped of any distractions allowing us to appreciate the quality of this raw material under a flickering candle.

Sandle P2 // Size: 262 x 171 x 183 mm


Sandle P3 // Size: 173 x 144 x 243 mm

Sandle P4 // Size: 147 x 249 x 130 mm

Sandle P5 // Size: 135 x 219 x 182 mm

Sandle P6 // Size: 218 x 216 x 122 mm


Quartz sand (SH – F01 & SH – C053)

Rollo Bryant

Photography: Enric Badrinas 

Francesca Gasch Studio

Francesc Gasch design approach is intuitively engaged with the making and production process. For Gasch the relationship between the craftsperson and the designer is key to the quality and success of his objects. The studio takes advantage of the strong craft and manufacturing heritage within both Catalunya and Europe. Gasch's close collaboration with local artisans means that his work always exhibits a high level of technical resolution from production down to the final detail.  The studio gives equal importance to the digitally manufactured as the hand crafted, always seeking to find new synergies between human made and computer generated. Physical prototyping and testing is vital to Gasch’s design process. This constant testing and evaluation ensures that the outcomes of the studio are to the highest standard possible. 

Gasch is always aware of the impact his pieces have at an intimate level with the user and also the global impact on the world both socially and environmentally. As well as keeping production lean and local Gasch ensures that the manufacturing method leaves the smallest possible carbon footprint. With an attention to quality the studio’s products are produced to be valued and last, thus never needing to be recycled. This, Gasch believes, is the ultimate sustainable design. 

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