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Profile of an Artist
designed by Anton Hart


Sculpture "Sam Duckor-Jones, 26 cm


Sculpture "Stephen Allwood, 26 cm


Profile of an Artist

Given the title of this exhibition: Anton Hart - Profile of an Artist, you might expect a suite of works by Anton himself. As a designer and art director, Anton is used to working with ideas and materials. But rather than stage his own first exhibition at Bowen Galleries, Anton has chosen to pay homage to a number of the artists whose works enrich his life.

Sculptural works. Carved in stone, you might think. But no, these works are carved in sand. A shape-shifting dark sand that seems a ridiculous, impossible choice as a material to shape into solid forms.

After two years of experimentation, Anton collaborated with SANDHELDEN to fabricate his idea. The resulting 3D vessels are the artists as holders of mysteries, container for ideas, or for whatever you might like to place in their care.

The artists represented are: Terry Stringer, Stephen Allwood, Joanna Braithwaite, Euan Macleod, Jeff Thomson, Sam Duckor-Jones, Gregory O’Brien, Aaron Waghorn and Rob McLeod. 


Quartz sand (SH – F01)

Anton Hart

Anton Hart


Anton Hart is a New Zealand artist and sculptor with a long background in design and advertising. His experience working with cutting-edge media and creative technology allows him to explore ideas about representation and identity in a new way, reinterpreting traditional images and objects using modern materials and techniques.


Profile of an Artist, his recent exhibition at Bowen Galleries, shows how a simple, elegant idea can deeply engage both the eye and the heart.

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