D.IVB (Dronino)
  • Freestanding bathtub


    With D.IVB, the METEORITE collection is completed by a 3D-printed bathtub made of sand. It is designed to be staged as a freestanding sculpture in the centre of a room. 


    Fine details on the outer surface gracefully develop along the entire exterior of the product.

    Its unique presence and outstanding appearance make it a charismatic protagonist in any room.

    D.IVB (Dronino)

    Color: Dark Lava (Patinated)

    Versions (Dimensions & Weight):

    • 1781 x 850 x 558mm // ~300 kg


    Material: Quartz sand
    Finish: Semi-gloss
    Collection: METEORITE


    Price: Incl. VAT. / excl. shipping