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PUE Awards
designed by Lucio Traficante

PUE Award
H30 cm.


Barcelona (Spain), 2019

Images courtesy from Lucio Traficante

The trophy was designed for the presentation of the PUE awards, "Programa Univesidad - Empresa", whose main objective is to bring the university closer to the companies, improving the professional skills and abilities of students through practical work training.

The smallest volume of the enveloping structure represents a growing organism, that still has a long way to go. This area of the trophy represents students learning. The opposite surface represents the business world with a more global vision in which all its elements are interrelated.

It also shows the transition process between the university and the world where organizations such as the "Programa Universidad - Empresa" facilitate the incorporation and insertion of the students into the professional context with a minimum of experience.

Below the central core of the trophy is its base, a surface that represents the roots that arise of the symbiosis University - Companies. 

Available on request.


Quartz sand (SH – F01)

Lucio Traficante

Studio Lucio Traficante

Lucio Traficante is a multidisciplinary design studio, established in Barcelona, with a transversal approach of reality that allows it to cover a wide range of services, from product design, lighting, furniture and interior design to the construction of important brands visual identities.

Conscious of the designers’ social responsibility as professionals, they strive to create objects that justify their existence and gain their own place in the world. This valuable task could be attributed to the simplicity of two concepts: commitment and passion for what we do.

Nowadays, generating synergies and links that go beyond borders, they have made collaborations and projects in Spain, Italy, Argentina, and China, among other countries of the world.

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