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Sira Speaker
designed by Lovis Götz

Sira Speaker
H 63 cm.


Munich (Germany), 2022

Images courtesy of Lovis Götz

The design of the Sira speakers explored how additive manufacturing techniques and computational design can improve the sound quality of loudspeaker cabinets and how the technology can be supported by the design.

For this purpose, the chosen material had to have, on the one hand, good acoustic properties, but on the other hand,
also offer the possibility of being shaped into unconventional forms.


Therefore it was decided to use SANDHELDEN´s material.
Electronic equipment is also a key component of the final design and Abacus was the chosen company that supported the development of the speaker. 

The loudspeaker cabinets consist of the speaker cabinet interior and the cabinet itself, both of which are designed to circumvent the disadvantages of conventional cabinets; the support elements, which are placed exactly where they are needed by optimizing the topology; and the stand, which serves not only as a base but also as a housing for the amplifier. 


In this way, the combination of SANDHELDEN’s expertise in the 3D printing process of locally sourced quartz sand, the technical equipment from Abacus, and the design from Lovis Götz yielded this loudspeaker cabinet.

Available on request.


Quartz sand (SH – F01)

Lovis Götz

Lovis Götz

Lovis Götz studied industrial design at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany.


In his design process, he draws on the synthesis of various disciplines, such as design, art, culture, mechanics, and nature. His works deal with the design of minimalist everyday objects to complex products whose form is influenced by various algorithms.

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