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designed by Levent Ozruh

Functional side table, H 60 cm

Kopie von Levent-Ozruh_02.jpg
Kopie von Levent-Ozruh_01.jpg

London (United Kingdom), 2021 / Images courtesy of Studio Naaro and Levent Ozruh

Levent Ozruh has designed a family of nightstands that diverge from similar algorithmic DNA. As objects they are hybrids of sculpture and furniture; they are a frozen instant of the negotiation between the visual and functional agenda.


The morphology of each object is intended to lead to a reevaluation of what makes an object primitive; the generated aesthetics, the tools of creation, or the society it is produced for? 


While the formal language and aesthetics of the PRIMITIVES appear to be raw and archaic, the means of creation explores contemporary computational processes. This leads to a gap between the appearance and the codified recipes that are written as a series of algorithmic procedures by the designer.

Swirls and indentations are brought to the fore by simple colouration and the play of light and shadow. This is further amplified by the textured finish of the quartz; as light levels change throughout the day the colouration of the PRIMITIVES change emphasising the transience of time.


The additive manufacturing process has created objects that are related but not identical. These six objects are a demonstration of the control of complexity exercised by the designer, curating the varied entities produced by the algorithm’s rules. Each piece retains integrity but they have different functional capacities; for example, in some the useable surface area is reduced, allowing design drivers to take precedence and in others, the opposite occurs.

Available on request.

Product details:

Quartz sand (SH – F01)
Infiltration + Coloring

Every piece has a volume of 40 x 40 x 60 cm and

weights between 40 - 60 kg .

Levent Ozruh

Levent Ozruh

Trained as an architectural designer in the United Kingdom, Levent Ozruh was educated at University of Edinburgh and UCL’s Bartlett School of Architecture. He has worked as an architectural designer in Austria, Italy, UK.


Prior to his masters at the Bartlett, he was an researcher at MIT under the Senseable City Lab.Currently, Levent is a Teaching Fellow at the Bartlett, co-leading a postgraduate design studio that focuses on the intersection of Bio-Spatial Design and Aritificial Intelligence. Levent’s work oscillates between small scale physical fabrications to speculative digital imagery of architecture.

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