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The Iconic Courrèges Vinyl Jacket made from Sand.

The highlight of the Courrèges Capsule Sunset Collection is the iconic Courrèges vinyl jacket, which has been reproduced in 3D by SANDHELDEN for Avoir in Paris. This revolutionary design process involved delicately projecting sand onto the jacket, creating a texture that embodies the capsule theme and adds an authentic touch. The result is a unique shape and structure that showcases Courrèges' as well as SANDHELDENs expertise and craftsmanship.


The collection draws inspiration from the aesthetics of the 70s, with an effect reminiscent of a burning sunset, combining tie-dye elements from the 70s with impressionistic artwork. It promises to be a major trend for the upcoming summer, blending Courrèges' characteristic retro-futuristic style with contemporary touches and innovative interpretations.


By exploring this artistic installation, visitors will have the opportunity to witness the harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity, as well as the seamless integration of classic craftsmanship and contemporary technologies.


Quartz sand (SH – F01 & SH – P14)



The story began as a student project at Lund University (Sweden) in 2019, merging decorative elements with cordless lighting.

As the COVID pandemic unfolded, the focus shifted towards enhancing well-being through design.

Over three years, they refined usability, research, size, design, technology, materials, prototypes, and mingling with lighting scientists to understand the essence of good lighting.

Akshay, from India, and Milan, from Australia, were brought together by a chance encounter in Sweden and bonded over their shared passion for well-being. As the long, dark winter of 2020 approached amid COVID-19 restrictions, they found inspiration in creating peaceful, joyful living spaces in confinement.

This led to the birth of a venture dedicated to connecting design, nature, and sustainability seamlessly, Thus, “Swaas” came to life.

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