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designed by Rive Roshan


Freedom Vessels


Vessel, 41 cm

Freedom Vessels

In light of the continuing "Woman, Life, Freedom" protests in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini, Rive Roshan dedicates an installation named "Freedom Vessels" to the women's rights movement echoing the voices of the women of Iran. The work has been shown at Rossana Orlandi Gallery during Milan Design Week 2023.

Drawing from her Iranian background Golnar Roshan — one half of the studio run by herself and partner Ruben de la Rive Box — felt an urge to creatively respond in this critical moment. A development from their 3D printed Sand in Motion collection, the “Freedom Vessels” are a frozen dance of sculptural objects that appear to whirl as you walk around them. This presentation of large-scale vessels creates a discussion between the object and viewer. An echo of voices carried in vessels, speaking about freedom and reminding us of the cries of these corageous women.

“Women in Iran are currently resisting a regime for their right to speak, to sing, to dance, to dress as they want, and to just be free - we wanted to create this series as a tribute to these brave and powerful voices, many of which have been punished or executed”.

The expressive, feminine forms titled “Whirl”, “Turn” “Rise” and “Spin” are reminiscent of acts of freedom reflecting the bravery and strength of the women defending their rights against and oppressive patriarchal government.


Quartz sand (SH – P01)
Infiltration + Coating*
*done by customer

Rive Roshan

Studio Rive Roshan

Rive Roshan is an experimental design studio working on the cusp of graphic, interior and product design. The studio is run by Dutch designer Ruben de la Rive Box and Iranian-Australian designer Golnar Roshan.

The studio explores the innovative use of materials to design tactile, flexible and engaging products for a mobile generation.

A deep interest in color, texture, and materiality leads to an aesthetic of raw beauty.

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