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designed by Erco Lai

artificial-stones-stacked table


This artificial-stones-stacked table, Fieldstone, marks the convergence of digital fabrication and stone masonry. Beyond encapsulating the core principles of artificial rocks, this innovative piece introduces a novel aesthetic dimension to the realm of 3D sand printing and the future of craftsmanship. This artistic pursuit transcends the creation of functional objects; it aspires to redefine the relationship between crafted elements and the natural world, contributing to an evolving narrative at the intersection of art, technology, and craftsmanship.⁠


Quartz sand (SH – F01)

Rollo Bryant
portrait Erco Lai.jpeg

Erco Lai

Erco Lai is a designer of a wide imagination and a strongly creative mind. Still, his fantasy isn’t stuck in a non-concrete world of ideas, he really gets his hands dirty experimenting with alternative building materials. Erco Lai’s ultimate goal is exactly to bring innovation in the manufacturing industry, promoting the abandonment of unsustainable mechanisms. Erco Lai’s guide has always been the Earth itself, simply learning from nature’s perfect processes.

Meanwhile, he is an experienced industrial designer and has worked with various materials and techniques, from 3d printing ceramic to sheet metal folding. His design approach is always searching for the meaning of a material and shaping it in the most 'natural' way. With these practices, he notices the beauty of balancing between control of design and spontaneity of materials. Also, he learned how vital it is to listen to materials and place them into appropriate contexts.

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