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La montaña en tu mano
designed by Escalados

Pico Uriellu,

Custom montain sculpture
H15 cm

Nahaufnahme Schwarz weiß Bild La monatan en tu mano Escaldos Sandhelden
Unten Nahaufnahme Schwarz weiß Bild La monatan en tu mano Escaldos Sandhelden

Madrid (Spain), 2019

"At Escalados we believe that true experiences are those that connect you directly with nature. For this reason, we create faithful reproductions of the relief in high quality, in a way that you remember those adventures and challenges lived, that will invite you to continue exploring and discovering new places to which very few manage to arrive".

With this idea of a natural product, Escalados offers an original product as a reward for the efforts of mountain lovers.

Working from altimetric data obtained from official sources, and using sand as the main element, they manage to elaborate a unique piece with the exact appearance of your favorite mountain. 

Available on request.


Quartz sand (SH – F01)
Infiltration + colored



University friends and colleagues, Toni and Jose decided to initiate this project right after finishing their studies in Design Engineering.


With different but complementary aptitudes, they have managed to create a brand whose originality and careful aesthetics have led them to be very well known among the mountain sector.

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