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designed by Daniel Widrig


Instances, experimental sculpture, H 156 cm


London (United Kingdom), 2019 

Instances is one in a series of moments 3D printed. It is a materialized digital scenery. The virtual world of digital information is vast and largely unseen, some personal, others communal.

Importantly, an innumerable plethora of this information describes three-dimensional objects and spaces. Before the invention of the camera, the depiction of our world to its likeness was down to the hands of the artists.

Today, we can experience objects that are conceived digitally and without any considerations for their making or materiality using 3D printers. Like magic, scale-less things can emerge out of the printing chamber, with all detailed features faithfully reproduced. All Instances are not just designed but more critically, captured without translations, as tangible things, unlike the original versions which are infinitely morphable.

These fixed counterparts are alien and familiar, made of information but now silenced. We cannot bring everything from the digital world to our already overcrowded reality. Instances are carefully, precisely and artfully chosen to be here, with us.

Available on request.

Product details:

Quartz sand (SH – F01)

The sculpture was exhibited at London's Aram Gallery (UK) from May 16 to June 22, 2019. 

Daniel Widrig

Daniel Widrig

Daniel Widrig founded his studio in London in 2009. After graduating from the Architectural Association Daniel worked for several years with Zaha Hadid where he was significantly involved in designing some of Hadid's most iconic buildings and products.

Daniel Widrig's studio now works in a broad range of fields including sculpture, fashion, furniture design and architecture. Embracing digital systems since its early days, the studio holds a unique position in the field and is widely considered to be in the vanguard of digital art and design.

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