"Grotto Facade"

Barry Wark




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Quarzsand (SH – F01)


500 x 256 x 250 mm | 23 kg    

Grotto facade Barry Wark Nahaufnahme Figur Details Schwarz Frontal
Grotto facade Barry Wark Nahaufnahme Figur Details Schwarz Seite
Grotto facade Barry Wark Nahaufnahme Figur Details Schwarz Hinten

London (Großbritanien), 2020

Grotto Facade

The collaborative research project investigates the potential of 3D sand printing to offer new conditions in the built environment, not possible with traditional fabrication techniques.

It significantly contributes to the contemporary discourse on digital design to manufacturing methodologies and their aesthetic and spatial offerings. The reading of linear joints between parts leads to their primary perception as something that is manufactured. This contradicts perceptive design theories that stipulates for spaces to be appreciated as natural, the structures which enclose them must employ the same aesthetic qualities as nature, in this instance, continuous and complex.

This topic is explored through collaborative prototyping between Barry Wark and Sandhelden where the research has produced a 3D printing architectural model.

The scale model offers an image of how a building might look using the technology and the digital design to be manufacturing outlined above. In addition to this, when read at 1:1, it offers an understanding of the complexity each individual component could embody. The result would be spatial conditions and assemblies not yet experienced in the built environment. 


Barry Wark

Barry Wark ist ein Architekt, Designer und Dozent mit Sitz in London. Seine Arbeit erforscht die Manifestation der Natur in der Architektur, ergänzt durch aufkommende digitale Design- und Fertigungstechnologien.

Er arbeitet sowohl im akademischen Bereich an der Bartlett School of Architecture durch Designforschung als auch in der Praxis, wo er seine spekulative Arbeit umsetzt.

Als ein führender Verfechter der Berechnung und des Biodesigns hält er häufig Vorträge und stellt seine Arbeiten international aus.


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