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designed by Ardoma Creations

Wall lamp


Small Ø 41 cm

Large Ø 55 cm


Tel-Aviv (Israel), 2019

Images courtesy of Eran Turgeman

The ancient circular symbols of the Mayan sun god inspired this wall-mounted light fixture. The Spanish word “Malla” (pronounced like Maya) also means mesh and the combination of these two references yielded this delicate shape of bidirectional spirals.

The use of Sandhelden´s technology of 3D printing with quartz sand allowed the geometry of this design to come to life with a beautiful grainy texture.

The light penetrates the perforations and spreads out in a pattern of tortuous rays, creating a mesmerizing scene of light.

Available on request.


Quartz sand (SH – F01) | Quartz sand (SH-P14)

Dror Kaspi

Dror Kaspi

Ardoma Design was founded in 2015 by designer Dror Kaspi. The studio dedicates its work to the investigation of visual harmony and ways of establishing it using contrasting elements. "Contrasts are the tools and harmony is the objective".

Their products are a result of constant refinement of the design from concept to realization. The juxtaposition of lines, colors, and light is being carefully balanced until reaching the point where all visual and tangible elements are perfectly aligned.


Quality and aesthetics are established as the central pillars of their work.

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